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We cover all marijuana news in america!

     Hello! And Welcome to our blog! We cover all things marijuana including marjuana investing, dispensary information, and the latest news on states medical marijuana policies and recreational marijuana policies. If you'de like to request or question anything that we're doign or saying, please feel free to contact us here at any time. To learn more about our team of bloggers, please visit our about page. We consider ourselves the leading marijuana news agency in the country and have "ground troops" in every state that are constantly blogging and updating us with the most current trends in this country. We will also make educated guesses on what is going to happen based on our expert insites and what history tells us will happen next.


     Our team is made up of 2 marijuana experts. Our first team member and expert is Mike from Glendale, Arizona. Mike owns a medical marijuana dispensary that has made over 10 million dollars since he opened it in 2012. Mike also owns a roofing business (bestglendaleroofers.com) that has made millions of dollars so when it comes to business in general, Mike is our expert and strategist. Mike does a lot of research when it comes to investing in different marijuana markets and plans to invest in California and Nevada and will discuss his strategies and what to look for when it comes to investing in marijuana.  Our second expert is Beth from Denver, Colorado. Beth is on the board of 2 major recreational marijuana dispensaries and also owns a marketing firm that strategizes campaigns for dispensaries all throughout Colorado. Beth has also contributed to writing articles for MSNBC (msnbc.com) and plans to publish an upcoming book on the marijuana markets and will share plenty of her sales and marketing insights on this website! We have plenty of valuable information between the two of these marijuana experts, so get ready for some great stuff!