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MJ Investing

     Believe it or not, there are thousands of people cashing in on the new green rush from an investment stand point. The cool thing is that there are tons of different optinos when it comes to MJ investing. My favorite so far is investing in dispensaries that are trying to get approved for a medical or recreational license in their state. The reason this is my favorite is because you tend to get the most value for your investment. These dispensaries are pretty safe bets but there are some things you should know about dispensary investing first. The biggest thing is that dispensaries as of now cannot put any money into banks. The second thing is that these dispensaries cannot claim taxes on their business which eats a lot of their profits. Some dispensaires have gone out of business because they didn't plan on not being able to deduct taxes! If you do invest in a dispensary make sure their business plan includes how they're going to handle their cash and how they're going  to stay afloat without tax deductions.

      Our second favorite type of mmj investment right now is stocks. We believe there are great companies out there such as terratech, whose making a name for themselves in the recreational marijuana industry. Terratech has bought out a 12 million dollar dispensary in northern California in preperation of it getting recreationally legalized in CA. There are tons of other companies that manufacture grow equipment, vaporizers, and a ton of other marijuana related businesses. We will keep adding new opportunities we see down the road but for now these are our 2 favorite MJ investing options. If you have any comments or questions about investing in the new green rush, please contact us here.