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MMJ Stock investing

There are thousands and thousands of stocks to pick from when it comes to the booming marijuana market. There are stocks in hydroponics, dispensary conglomerates, marijuana vending machines, and a bunch of others. We wanted to inform you on your different stock options and why some are better than others. Most of the stocks at this point are speculative penny stocks without a whole lot of merit to them. We think there are some hydroponics manufacturers that are gearing up to take a stronghold in the national market place but with so much competition it's hard to say whose really going to step up. Our of all the stock options available it seems that the best option is finding a company that's looking to buy out existing dispensaries and keep growing their portfolios. We found a company called Terra Tech that we really like because they just bought a dispensary in California for $12 million cash and are planning on using this same acquisition strategy in Nevada. Nevada is a place that we've really got our eye on because of the booming tourist market and how much fricken' money is going to be spent on marijuana there. Some people have referred to Vegas as the new Amsterdam of the United States which we think is pretty funny, but also could be very true. There are already medical marijuana dispensaries set up in NV and there will be quite a few recreational dispensaries also if the vote should pass later this year in November. The point of this is to let you know there are some major players in the dispensary game which is who we are most excited to keep our eye on in the years to come. Right now we don't feel like there is enough evidence of any one major hydroponic manufacturer taking over the game, nor do we feel like there's any other legit companies coming up in any other speculative marijuana markets that makes us this excited. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about investing in stocks with companies that are looking to dominate the markets. Blaze on!